Ubuntu – My Ubuntu 12.10 does not startup to GUI

12.10boot failure

When I switch on my Laptop and chose Ubuntu to start it up. I am stuck with console only asking me for my username then for my password.

I do not know what had happened to my Ubuntu, last thing I remember is using Ubuntu Tweak, Bleach, Bleach(root).

After that I could not start an log in to the GDM.

Best Answer

  • This is not related to graphics drivers.

    I have installed ia32 package with lots of dependencies. Then I remove it and I have done autoremove, too.

    I figured out that gnome-shell, gdm ...etc were removed, too. So, because they where my main interface, I couldn't log in to my Ubuntu.

    I have connected to internet using the network cable and installed gnome-shell

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