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I have some .flac albums I ripped as one big file to save some space (Lossless CD rips are roughly 500MB each). Now that I have more storage I would like to split them back to their original files.

Is there a native .flac/.cue splitter for Debian-based systems?

I found some information but it is either old, just for mp3 or using Wine, and this is not what I want.

Also I found a Nautilus script, but I don't think this will be lossless, also it only performs a very specific task and I'd like some customization options.

Can anyone provide a lossless FLAC .cue splitter with native support, and a lot of conversion options?

Please no Wine.

Best Answer

  • First you need to install cuetools and shntool. From the terminal type:

    sudo apt install cuetools shntool flac

    To split a flac file back to the original files using a .cue file:

    cuebreakpoints '<cue file>' | shnsplit -o flac '<audio flac file>'  

    You can drag the cue file and the audio flac file from the file manager into the terminal in order to autocomplete the paths for '<cue file>' and '<audio flac file>'. When you run the command, the terminal will show you the results of each new flac file as it is created, one new flac file at a time ("split-track01.flac" "split-track02.flac" ...), and then stop after all of the new flac files have been created. It only takes a few seconds to create each new flac file. If your .cue file is accurate, the results will be more accurate and less time-consuming than if you split the flac file manually in Audacity.

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