Ubuntu – Nautilus sometimes refuses to rename files or folders – terminal works


I sometimes have the following issue:
I'm working with Nautilus (Ubuntu 14.10 with Unity) and for example create new folders. But when I want to rename them, I can select that in the context menu and also get into the edit mode (file name highlighted, text cursor there), but whatever key I hit, I am unable to change the name. There will be just always the same default name.

I could not find any specific causes for this problem, it seems to occur randomly, and also with other files or old folders. When it once started to refuse renaming items, it will stay in that state until the next reboot. But using the terminal mv oldname newname always works, it is specific to Nautilus and seems to have nothing to do with permissions.

Anyone else that had this problem? Do you know the cause or how to fix this?
Thank you in advance!

Best Answer

It's probably due to a bug in ibus:




Suggested workarounds are to set Keyboard input method system to none in System Settings > Language support > Language tab (permanent fix), to kill the ibus daemon with sudo killall ibus-daemon (session time fix) or to restart nautilus (temporary fix)

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