Ubuntu – Need some advise on pitching Ubuntu SBS and desktops for the company


In the next couple of weeks I need to present an IT presentation for future I equipment for the small company I would with. The have been shrouded by the Microsoft and Apple blanket and introducing Ubuntu to them is going to be a tough task.

Can anyone give me some advise who has had the task of pitching Ubuntu for business being the favourable OS over Windows which they are currently using? I will say none of them are tech-savvy and some of them don't even know how to send emails.

Any advice would be gratefully appreciated.

Best Answer

    1. No viruses
    2. Updates arrive faster, and cause less problem to the system.
    3. Free software from software center.
    4. More stable
    5. Less memory footprint ( Older machines also supported)
    6. Less installed size (Win7 requires 16 GB without Office!)
    7. Working Out of the Box (no need to mess with drivers)
    8. Fix release schedules, upgrades can be planned.
    9. Updates don't require always restart.
    10. Ask Ubuntu, if they need any help.
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