Ubuntu – Network manager deleted


I do not have a network manager on computer so I am unable to access internet. How can I install it using .deb packages?

I am running 64-bit 13.04.
I was trying How do I re-install Network Manager without an internet connection? but it didn't install Network Manager and network-manager-gnome.
It said Dependency not satisfiable: libgnome-bluetooth7 (>=2.27.8)

Best Answer

A .deb package is available from http://packages.debian.org to solve the jibgnome-bluetooth7 dependency:

Once the dependency is installed you can then install network-manager from http://packages.ubuntu.com

  • http://packages.ubuntu.com/lucid/network-manager-gnome
  • Download and transfer it to the computer via USB, or SD.
  • double click on it to open, or use the terminal to install ( sudo dpkg -i network-manager-gnome*.deb )
  • A reboot or relog is required after install to activate the software correctly.

Would you be able to state why the network-manager is absent from your computer?