Ubuntu – NMI watchdog: BUG: soft lockup – CPU#2 stuck for 23s! [plymouthd:305]


I get this error message

NMI watchdog: BUG: soft lockup - CPU#2 stuck for 23s! [plymouthd:305] 

on the startup of my system (even with live-cd).

My PC is a dell inspiron 7559 with intel graphic and nvidia.

UPDATE – this issue also happens when attempting to install ubuntu 18.10 using LiveUSB

Best Answer

  • I also have the same laptop: Dell Inspiron 7559. I managed to boot by adding nouveau.modeset=0 to GRUB's linux line.

    When you are in the GRUB menu, press E to enter the GRUB editor. Add nouveau.modeset=0 to the end of the line that starts with linux. After you've added it, press F10 to boot. Your system should start. After that, go to System Settings > Software & Updates > Additional Drivers and then select the NVIDIA driver. Right now I'm using NVIDIA binary driver- version 367.57 from nvidia-367 (proprietary, tested).

    However I also have problems. Firstly, the NVIDIA card consumes a lot of power. My battery life is 2 hours with Linux (because it only uses NVIDIA GTX 960). With Windows I get 6 hours if I use it mildly. If I do prime-select intel, and try to log off, it gets stuck and I have to reboot it multiple times to make it boot. Sometimes it never boots back so I have to boot in recovery and switch back to NVIDIA by prime-select nvidia. I have installed all the Dell graphics card drivers and nothing changed - still doesn't boot with Intel selected. However once I managed to boot with Intel and it gave me 6:30 hours of battery life. Something is weird.