Ubuntu – No internet for terminal- connect through a proxy

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I'm using newly installed 13.04 on my lap. I've connected to wifi connection in our university and configured the proxy settings in network settings. I can access web and even software updater work nicely, but using the terminal I even can't ping into a website. "ping google.com" gives 100% packet loss

Best Answer

  • for me the following worked in our company network with proxy:

    cd /etc/apt
    mv ./apt.conf ./apt.conf.bak

    this is to force the system to use the new file we create now.

    cd ./etc/apt/apt.conf.d

    create new file "95proxies" and add there the content of the apt.conf file Example:

    Acquire::http::Proxy “http://proxy_url:proxy_port/”;
    Acquire::ftp::Proxy “http://proxy_url:proxy_port/”;

    now the system use the 95proxies file


    sudo apt-get update

    this should work now