Ubuntu – No nVidia/nouveau modules loaded, but sytem working fine


Okay, so right now, I have installed both nvidia drivers and bumblebee and am getting all the necessary functions working – battery conservation, higher fps etc….

But when I try
lsmod | grep nvidia*
lsmod | grep nouveau
lsmod | grep bumblebee

I am not getting any working modules of these types.

Is something missing, because my synaptics shows the drivers installed and am pretty much sure the system is working fine. Also would an kernel upgrade break my system? Or is there someway to do it without breaking it?

Hey guys, is this even possible?

Best Answer

I haven't managed to get to run bumblebee yet, but I'm also seeing no nouveau entries in the output of dmesg until trying to run something that actually accesses the discrete graphics adapter with optirun:

optirun glxgears

Then you should be getting nouveau or nvidia entries in your logs, and also in the output of lsmod.

By default, only the integrated graphics adapter is used, most probably with a different driver.