Ubuntu – No Partitions Recognized by Ubuntu in Trial Mode


I recently tried to dual boot my Laptop with Windows 8 and Ubuntu. I disabled the Fast Startup option in Windows 8 and Secure Boot was also Turned Off as my Model doesn't support UEFI. Now I inserted the USB Stick with Ubuntu Installer and Selected 'Try Ubuntu Without Installing'.

My Problem is that the Ubuntu running from USB Stick does not recognize any one my existing partitions which I created using Windows 8. Further while installing Ubuntu 12.04, the Installer shows the entire space as Unknown type.

Any help Regarding this problem would be much Appreciated.

enter image description here

Best Answer

  • As per you screen shot, your drive is set as dynamic (see below disk0 in image).

    Unfortunately this dynamic disk and partition are only recognizable in windows OS.

    Not only ubuntu, no other OS will recognize the partition. Linux boot loaders can not be installed in dynamic disks.

    The only way is to convert it basic driver. But for that you need to delete your existing partition. Thus deleting your data which may not be recoverable.

    Alternate solution is use ubuntu in virtual environment (using virtualbox, vmware)

    A ref link : How to convert dynamic disk to basic