Ubuntu – “no system tray detected on this system.”


"no system tray detected on this system." Appears starting Gnome and Cinnamon in Oneiric 11.10; starting with Gnome Classic and Unity no problem at all. How to solve?

Best Answer

In your start up programs there is a line regarding starting hplip. Change ...

sh -c "sleep 15; exec hp-systray"


sh -c "sleep 45; exec hp-systray"

and the problem is gone.

hplip is expecting a system tray and that got removed (and was changed into notification area). All this does is postpone startup of hp-systray so if your system is slow to respond this notice might come back and bite you again.

Found it here on Bugzilla (has a fix released on 2011.11.25 (...)). Besides the bug I found the following sources: Linuxquestions, Ubuntuforums

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