Ubuntu – Nvidia graphics scrambled ubuntu 12.04


I am using a Nvidia GeForce 550Ti graphics card, with a 55" Samsung TV

Everytime I install the Nvidia drivers (either via the gui manager or "apt-get install nvidia-current" The graphic signal gets scrambled upon next reboot, Flashing colors, I tried running nvidia-xconfig it doesn't do anything, I tried nomodeset also.

Here is the weird part, if I switch between the cli terminal (tty) then switch back, the signal is ok?

Anyone help me out?
I am running ubuntu 12.04 desktop 64 bit

Best Answer

  • When you boot from the USB or LIVECD - hit f6 and and ESC which should boot you into text mode. You will need to change the following options in your boot string.

    nosplash, nomodeset

    I found a similar problem here.

    After installation I installed the nvidia driver manually like so:

    sudo apt-get install nvidia-current

    reboot and you should have working video.