Ubuntu – NVIDIA issues in Ubuntu 20.04


When I install Ubuntu 20.04 on my Asus X71SL laptop with the NVIDIA GeForce 9300M GS graphics card the screen goes black. I have tried to do many things that are said about NVIDIA cards but none of them works for me. Could you help me?

Thank you.

Best Answer

  • Your GPU is not supported by the newest proprietary drivers - the newest series that supports it is 340, according to https://www.geforce.com/drivers (don't try to install your driver from there - it'll go wrong). The 340 series Nvidia driver is not compatible with the Xorg 1.20 server, so you'll have to use Nouveau.

    Could you please clarify when exactly does your screen go black? Is it after booting the installation USB, or after finishing the installation and rebooting?