Ubuntu – Only half of Wacom Intuos tablet area maps to entire screen horizontally


This happens in two different computers, one with Ubuntu 20.04 and another with 18.04.

The left 40% of the tablet maps horizontally to the entire monitor, while vertically it works fine – bottom to top in the tablet is bottom to top in the monitor. The remaining 60% of the tablet is unused. Both computers are dual boot with Windows 10 and the tablet works fine in both.

Is there a way to map the entire tablet area to the entire monitor?

I tried configuring the Wacom tablet using the settings in Ubuntu. I chose tablet absolute and relative, I clicked "map to a single monitor" in the option Map to monitor.

I tried xsetwacom in command line. Following these instructions:


I tried setting:

xsetwacom --get "Wacom Co.,Ltd. Intuos S stylus" area
0 0 15200 9500

If I change it to a larger horizontal value:

xsetwacom --set "Wacom Co.,Ltd. Intuos S stylus" area 0 0 30400 9500

The tablet area remains unchanged, but the pen does not go to the horizontal end of the monitor. If I change it to a smaller number (smaller than 15200) then the tablet area where the pen is "active" is reduced.

I also tried:

xsetwacom --set "Wacom Co.,Ltd. Intuos S stylus" MapToMonitor eDP-1

where eDP-1 is my monitor name from typing xrandr.

Thanks for any help!


There is a weird behaviour here. If I switch on my computer with the tablet already plugged in, it works fine! If I plug in the tablet after the computer is on, the problem reported above happens.

If, when it is working fine, I disconnect the tablet and then connect again, the problem above also happens.

Best Answer

Hold the left-most and the right-most buttons until the LED turns off and back on.