Ubuntu – Open minimized nautilus window and not open home in launcher


There is some behavior I can't understand in the Unity Desktop.

  1. Open nautilus via. clicking in the launcher onto the home-button
  2. Navigate to for example the windows-partition in nautilus
  3. Minimize nautilus
  4. Click on nautilus in the launcher doesn't open the nautilus with windows-partition, instead it opens a new window with the home folder.

Is there a workaround for this strange behavior?


Best Answer

This has been confirmed to be a bug on nautilus. You may add yourself to this bug as it affects you(you will need a launchpad account to do this).

The easiest workaround for this is to hover over to the nautilus icon on the launcher using your mouse pointer and scroll using the middle button if you are using a mouse. If not, you can use the touchpad's scrolling feature, i.e., either two-finger scrolling or edge scrolling or whatever you use to scroll using your touchpad.


Note: This feature of bringing an already open window to the front works with all applications on Ubuntu 14.04.