Ubuntu – Opera-like tab-switching in chrome or firefox

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Is there a way of switching tabs in Chrome or Firefox by scrolling the mouse-wheel while keeping the right mouse-button pressed?

In Chrome or Firefox (with tab-wheel-scroll extension) you can switch tabs by scrolling the wheel while hovering the pointer over the tab-bar.

The Opera function is much more comfortable, since you don't have to aim at the tab-bar in order to switch.

I have already tried assigning tab-switching keyboard shortcuts to the mouse-button in combination with the mouse-wheel, but it did not work at all. It seems to me that mouse-events cannot be combined in xbindkeys. Furthermore, assigning anything to the right mouse-button in xbindkeys disabled the standard functions of the button completely.

Thanks in advance, bye

Best Answer

  • Use FireGestures extension. What you want is in "Advanced >> Wheel Gestures". It does exactly that. There is no need to point the mouse over the tabs.

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