Ubuntu – Option to sync to Google Calendar doesn’t show up in Evolution


I did a clean installation of Oneiric and since Evolution is not included by default, I added it by doing apt-get install evolution. However, when I try to create a new calendar and sync it with Google I only get three options: "On This Computer", "On the Web" and "Weather". There used to be an option to include google calendars but it is not there now. It appears, though, in another computer that I upgraded from Natty so I assume that the option still exists. What package am I missing?

Best Answer

  • This is a bug but can be resolved following this steps:


    enter image description here

    • Close Evolution :
    • Install Gnome Config Editor

    sudo apt-get install gconf-editor

    • navigate evolution -> address book :

    enter image description here

    • Double Click on the right side and find the Google part select edit an copy all the line (all strange character are important):

    enter image description here

    • then navigate evolution -> calendar :

    enter image description here

    • double click on the right side -> Add and paste the line you copy before ...

    now you can see :

    enter image description here