Ubuntu – Override Built-In Maverick Keyboard Shortcuts


Having used the Command+M keyboard shortcut to minimize windows in OS X, I'd like to use the same functionality in Ubuntu 10.10. When I try, though, it only brings up the "communications" section of the indicator applet; like so:

alt text

In the Keyboard Shortcuts preferences, I have set as the minimize shortcut Mod4+M, which I got by capturing the Apple Command key and the M key. I find no other shortcut using this key combination in Keyboard Shortcuts, and yet I cannot get the window to minimize when using it.

Does anyone know how to override Ubuntu's default usage of this key combination? Thanks!

Best Answer

Is it this bug? Bug #558581

It looks like an annoying race condition between programs that use global key bindings.

At that URL, Alex Beels wrote on 2011-01-05:

To replace indicator-applet with indicator-applet-complete:,

  1. Install indicator-applet-complete.
  2. Remove both indicator-applet (the mail icon) and indicator-session (the on-off button) from the gnome panel.(Right click on icon, and choose "Remove From Panel" from the menu.)
  3. Add indicator-applet-complete to the gnome panel. (Right click on panel background, and choose "Add to Panel..." from the menu.)