Ubuntu – Overscan compensation issue


Since upgrading to 12.10 I cant permanently fix overscan on my tv.

Using this code I can fix the overscan

sudo nvidia-settings --assign CurrentMetaMode="DFP-1: 1920x1080 { ViewPortOut=1850x1045+40+20, ViewPortIn=1920x1080 }

But on 12.04 I would simply add this command to startup apps and it would work fine but this does not seem to work on 12.10.

Any suggestions ?

ps I have to enter this code twice in terminal because the first time turns my desktop background black and hides all open windows, but new one will still show up.

Best Answer

  • diclaimer: this should work by reading the manpages, but I'm not able to test this at this moment

    1. Create a ~/.nvidia-settings-rc file, containing/adding

      CurrentMetaMode=DFP-1: 1920x1080 { ViewPortOut=1850x1045+40+20, ViewPortIn=1920x1080 }

      Alternatively, run

      nvidia-settings --rewrite-config-file

      to overwrite the ~/.nvidia-settings-rc file with the current state of the X Server settings configuration.

    2. Then edit/create your ~/.xinitrc file:

      nvidia-settings --load-config-only &

      To load the settings from the RC file after logging in as that user.

    For more information, read the manpage nvidia-settings(1).