Ubuntu – Passing a font as an argument to a script

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I am trying to use osdSH for notifications.

It has a 'font' parameter that receives a curiously formed string. From the man:

-f -font
             Set          font         (Default:         -*-lucidatypewriter-

The manual does not comment on the arguments passed (I assume each * represents a possible argument). It would seem that this notation is (or has someday been) standard, but I've not been able to find anything about it.

what is the standard ?
what argument specifies letter size ?

Best Answer

It's the X logical font description. See the full standard at x.org

The 7th field specifies the size in pixel, the 8th the size in tenths of points.

So the default here is "lucidatypewriter bold at 24 point".

You can use xfontsel as a simple GUI to create such font descriptions.