Ubuntu – Password Reset Disk


I use Windows 7 as my secondary OS and it has an option for creating Password reset disk i.e. a flash drive when inserted to a locked Win 7 (in case password is forgotten), would reset the system password and open the system for the user. Is it possible to make something like that for ubuntu 11.10????

Best Answer

  • Actually, there's no need for a separate disk, you just boot into recovery mode and do it from there.

    1. If you don't see grub at boot time then hold down the shift key as the machine starts, and the text-based menu should pop up before the ubuntu logo. If you do see grub (if you have a dual-boot setup you normally will) then ignore this step.

    2. Select the top-most 'Recovery mode' option. The machine will boot to a coloured text-mode 'Recovery Menu'.

    3. Select 'remount'. Hit enter when it's done.

    4. Select 'root'.

    5. Set the password with passwd <username>.

    6. reboot

    Seems insecure right? This is why you should encrypt your user account if you care that much.

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