Ubuntu – Picture of a spaceship occasionally appears on the monitor when switching monitors


Seriously. No joke.

enter image description here

Clean 13.10 install. Not a single picture on my computer. I press F4 to switch over to my external monitor and…what is this?

Best Answer

If the resolution of your monitor isn't quite set up correctly, your video card shows the correct pixels for your desktop, but then the extra monitor space gets filled with essentially random pixels from elsewhere in your video card's memory. From your comments it sounds like that is usually whatever is on the bottom of the previous display screen. If you've never looked at anything with that particular spaceship, it could be an image that is part of a video card self-test, or it could be a hidden background image from some other webpage.

Fixing the external monitor's resolution is the correct fix for this problem. If you've got other issues after doing that, please submit them as separate questions.