Ubuntu – Poor Performance with Intel HD 3000 GPU

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I am running the 8,1 Macbook Pro. It has the integrated Intel HD 300 gpu. I've noticed the graphics performance is drastically worse in Ubuntu than in OS X. I tested this using the bullet physics library (http://bulletphysics.org/wordpress/) demos. In OS X, they all run flawlessly and smooth. In Ubuntu on the same laptop they're unusable. I can't properly interact with them because they hang so much and the framerate is so low.

Is this a driver issue? Any fixes or possibility of this being fixed?

I was planning on working with some bullet stuff, but the performance is much worse than is reasonable.

Best Answer

  • I'm also running Intel HD 3000 on Thinkpad T420. Using standard 11.04 driver, even glxgears is very choppy and pressing the windows button to access search is unresponsive. I've came across a better HD3000 driver here:


    Now the performance improved a bit, glxgears managed to get 60fps constantly although there still some hiccups and still some graphical glitch in games like nexuiz and tremulous. Nexuiz is still not playable though.

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