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I was wondering if anyone had success in using a portable monitor on their Ubuntu system and if so which one?

Edit: (More details) Specifically I was thinking something along the lines of


My system is a 2015 XPS 13 developer edition built to run Ubuntu.

Edit 2: I ended up buying the usb monitor. It was not plug and play out of the box but once I downloaded this:


and then made the .run file executable and ran it, the monitor worked.

Update: For ubuntu 19.04 the file to download is:


One may have to disable paging to prevent crashes:


Best Answer

  • Yes I use one of those Asus monitors daily with my 2017 XPS 13, it works well.

    I had to get to grips with xrandr and use 2x scaling on it.

    I use mine in portrait orientation and unfortunately the supplied protective cover that doubles up as a stand does not work well as a stand in portrait, so I bought a folding plate stand off eBay that works admirably, and folds flat to maintain portability.

    I'm using Kubuntu 18.04. It will not fit in a 13" laptop bag for my XPS 13 but it does fit in a 15" laptop bag.

    It's handy needing only one USB-C cable but it does make the laptop fans more likely to come on. Under simple editing they don't, but an app I use sometimes running under wine makes the fans come on after a few minutes when I have the monitor connected, but not otherwise. Nothing bad though...I use both daily.

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