Ubuntu – Possible to Create Unencrypted Folder Outside Ecryptfs Home


Dropbox is dropping support for ecryptfs directories. Is it possible to create a directory outside the encrypted home directory that a user can access, where the Dropbox folder can be moved to?

Best Answer

Yes, this is possible.

Assuming you have sudo rights (and your /home partition is on an Ext4 filesystem) you can simply create a new folder outside of your home directory (e.g. /home/dropbox) and tell Dropbox to move itself to this folder.

Don't forget to set the appropriate permissions on the new folder so your account has access.

sudo mkdir -m 700 /home/dropbox
sudo chown yourname:yourgroup /home/dropbox

I've just done this, and although Dropbox initially seemed to be confused (it thought that the destination folder was still not on a supported partition), after unlinking and relinking my account it is now syncing happily.