Ubuntu – PPA to get the latest Mono and Monodevelop versions


I need to program dot net apps via Ubuntu, so where can I get them because I always failed to compile the source??

Best Answer

You can search Launchpad for PPAs:


The top few there give you the choice between stable, beta and bleeding edge software.

Even if you understand the inherent risks in running unreleased software, be aware that these PPAs are mostly maintained by individuals and you're installing software from these people. You should ask yourself:

  • Do you trust the maintainer? You're giving them root on your system.
  • Is it safe to run this version of Mono on Ubuntu? Will it break things that depend on other versions?
  • Will I be at risk if a security flaw is found in one of these packages? Do I need urgent security patches and will this repo give me them?

I'm not saying all PPAs are evil or wrong, just be aware about what you're doing.