Ubuntu – Prevent (xfce) terminal from scrolling with output


I'm running Xubuntu. When I run something that produces a lot of output to the terminal (such as my code, generally….!) I find that it is not possible to "freeze" the screen, to take a look at a particular point in the run.

For example: my code is generating output, and typically (in other machines) I can move the mousewheel upwards. This in essence stops the terminal from following the latest output to the screen and you can, at your leisure, look at the output while more is generated underneath. To catch up, I'd normally tap the down arrow on the keyboard, it would jump to the latest line, and follow.

xfce4-terminal 0.6.1 does not follow this behaviour, and I'd like to know if there is a way to enable it. Apologies if this is somewhat badly described….

Best Answer

    1. Open Xfce Terminal preferences: Edit > Preferences...
    2. On the Scrolling section of the General tab uncheck the Scroll on output checkbox

    With this option the terminal still scrolls automatically on new output, but if you scroll upwards it'll stop scrolling automatically.