Ubuntu – Problem downloading files from Ubuntu One cloud


I've followed the instructions, but I have this back in my terminal:

bash: ./u1_downloader: cannot execute binary file: Exec format error

What am I doing wrong?

Best Answer

  • You need to download the 32 bits version from here:


    Or in terminal, just follow these instructions:

    1. Download the file with wget

      wget 'http://ubuntuone.com/u1-downloader/u1-downloader-32b.tar.gz'

    2. Next, run this command to uncompress the program:

      tar zxf u1-downloader.tar.gz

    3. Go to the program's newly-created directory by running:

      cd u1-downloader

    4. Start the program by running:


    You’ll be prompted for your credentials: enter your email and hit enter, then type in your password and hit enter. If needed, you'll be asked for your 2-factor authentication code as well.

    Your files will start downloading and will be saved in the u1-files directory (you can access this folder with the file manager)

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