Ubuntu – Problem in burning a DVD and getting the iso file


I just downloaded the Ubuntu 13.04 OS(32-bit) desktop version. It is a Zip file, i extracted the contents of it and burned it into DVD. But i cannot see the iso file, and how to make it bootable. Please help with this because i really want to try it out.
And i am using Windows 7 right now.

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The file you downloaded is an ISO, but since it doesn't have anything associated with it, it will look as a ZIP file. What you can do is download ImageBurn. ImgBurn is a free burning software fir windows.

Now I believe that this is what you saw

enter image description here

In my case I have PowerISO installed, so what I did was, right click the file, and choose open with, and Clicked on choose default program, and choose power ISO

enter image description here

And once done this is the outcome

enter image description here

So once you download and install ImageBurn, click on write image file to disk, and choose the file that you have downloaded.

enter image description here

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