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This bug has now been fixed upstream. An update has been issued. If you still cannot install, ensure you have updated fully, and then restart your computer.

I am trying to install downloaded DEB packages. Each time, I see a warning like this:

And clicking install just loads and nothing changes.

This shows for all the packages I try and install. How can I install a package?

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  • This is bug #1573026. Make sure you click the "this affects me too".

    This bug has now been fixed upstream. Hopefully an update will be issued promptly.

    What are the workarounds?

    You can use the GDebi package manager, available in the software centre or with sudo apt-get install gdebi via the command line.

    Then, to install the package, open GDebi and click File -> Open and navigate to the downloaded DEB file.

    It can take a little while to add the open the package - it took around 10 seconds for me.

    Then check everything is OK, and click install.

    It will finish, and the program will be installed.

    Or we can use the command line. While apt-get cannot install from a DEB file, all apt-get does is download the file and then call dpkg. We can do those tasks ourselves really simply.

    Open a terminal and navigate to our download location with cd.

    And run the command:

    sudo dpkg -i FileName.deb

    replacing FileName with the name of the file.

    Finally, run this:

    sudo apt-get install -f

    This "fixes" everything - it resolves all dependencies etc.

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