Ubuntu – Problems installing Ubuntu 18.4


Yesterday I was trying to install Ubuntu. I let Ubuntu partition my hard drive along with Windows. But later on, it froze; there was nothing I could do to get it out of the crash. I do remember before that, I saw a pop up saying there was an issue with some system program or something like that, I reported the issue and then it crashed. I turned off the computer and then on again, I ran Into a similar crash after attempting to install again. I turned the PC off and removed the USB that held Ubuntu for install. For my surprise, Ubuntu was succesfully installed even though I had removed the USB. Later on it started freezing randomly so I proceded by installing it again. It was succesfull until now…
It's completely stuck at: Installing Libglib 2. 0. 0 (amd 64)

Please answer with this in mind: I am a total noob, so I can't fully understand complex technical terms and stuff.

Any help is much appreciated.

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