Ubuntu – Programs disappearing after being minimized


I installed Ubuntu 11.04 yesterday using the Wubi installer and I've noticed that a few of my programs will disappear when I minimize them. For example, I can't minimize Eclipse because it will disappear and I won't be able the load a 2nd one because the 1st is using my workspace (if you're familiar with Eclipse you know that you can't use the same workplace twice as the same time). I also just noticed that if I minimize a terminal then it will disappear as well.

Does anyone have any idea why this is happening and what, if anything, I can do to prevent it?

Best Answer

I had this same issue as well, but for me it was solved by taking AllTray out of the equation. You didn't happen to have the programs set to automatically minimize to the system tray, did you? If you did, the tray requires the applications to be white-listed now.

Instead of just denying it, it seems to just hide the program completely. Almost as if alltray was doing it's job, but being denied an icon spot in the tray.