Ubuntu – Python corrupted: how to clean a failed install or reinstall a fresh instance


I was given wrong advice to install DEEPIN SOFTWARE CENTER on Ubuntu 10.04.3. I learned later that this app was not built for Ubuntu 10.x, but for 11.x. The developer has not helped at all with any troubleshooting.The person who recommended for me to install it has also been unable to help me resolve the problem, apart from providing a generic apt-get purge < package > command, which didn't work.

Deepin Software Center initially screwed up my installation/updating procedures. I managed to purge all instances of the Deepin Software Center, from disc, except in Python, which STILL retains information on an unable-to-be completed Deepin install, and tries valiantly every time I update a package, to complete it.

How can I purge this unfinished install information from Python ? Alternatively, can I simply download a fresh instance of Python, & overwrite the corrupted one ?

If so, please advise on the steps necessary to do this. I'm happy to reinstall Python, if it clears the residual problem ..

All help most gratefully appreciated

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  • I'm trying to do the same thing, because of a similar (I belive) bug. But the reinstall process just doesn't work. Here is my question: Update Manager won't open (error related to pythonverbose)

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