Ubuntu – Qt4-x11 in Lucid


Can this version of QT4 be successfully be installed on Lucid. So many things I try to install depend on this.

Error: Dependency is not satisfiable: libqtcore4 (>= 4:4.7.0~beta1)

Calibre PPA-Lucid is showing 4:4.7.0-0ubuntu4~ppa2, but notes:

PACKAGE BUILD FAILURES (STATUS): -Calibre: It's a problem with qt4, I
think, I'm trying a build on my main PPA. Which, if successful, will
be copied to this repo.

I've also seen backports available for kubuntu of beta1 and beta2 but I'm running xubuntu and I really don't understand backports anyway.

Change Log
Version: *DELETED*  2011-07-24 05:30:54 UTC 
 No changelog for deleted or moved packages. 

Version: 4:4.7.0~beta2-0ubuntu1~lucid1~ppa1     2010-07-11 12:26:25 UTC 

 qt4-x11 (4:4.7.0~beta2-0ubuntu1~lucid1~ppa1) lucid; urgency=low 
   * Lucid backport 
Source diff to previous version

Version: 4:4.7.0~beta1+git20100522-0ubuntu1~lucid1~ppa1     2010-06-10 00:24:09 UTC 

 qt4-x11 (4:4.7.0~beta1+git20100522-0ubuntu1~lucid1~ppa1) lucid; urgency=low 
   * Lucid backport

Is this a lost cause?

Best Answer

  • Backports are


    Kubuntu Backports


    PPA description

    Backports of new versions of KDE and major KDE apps for Kubuntu which are either too large a change or not yet tested enough to go to Ubuntu Backports.

    There is available for the Lucid: qt4-x11 (4:4.7.0-0ubuntu2~lucid1~ppa2).

    Upgrading from a PPA

    I'm running xubuntu and I really don't understand backports anyway.

    You could go to the Kubuntu Backports and click the "Read about installing": https://launchpad.net/+help-soyuz/ppa-sources-list.html. Upgrade will only upgrade the installed packages (Qt).

    Downgrade from the PPA

    A package:

    :~$ apt-cache show ppa-purge

    Description: disables a PPA and reverts to official packages

    This program disables a PPA from your Software Sources and reverts your system back to the official Ubuntu packages. You can use this to return your system to normal after testing a new version from a PPA.

    Homepage: https://launchpad.net/ppa-purge

    It is available from the lucid-backports: http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=ppa-purge&searchon=names&suite=all&section=all