Ubuntu – Ralink Bluetooth not working in Ubuntu 13.04


My Bluetooth is not working in Ubuntu 13.04. I am unable to turn it on and also, Bluetooth icon doesn't show up in the top bar.

I asked about this on #ubuntu IRC and they said that I am missing the proprietary drivers for it. There is nothing under Additional Drivers in Software and Updates

Bluetooth does work 'Try Ubuntu mode' when I boot Ubuntu from DVD/USB.

How can I get the required drivers?

Best Answer

If your Ralink Bluetooth devices is a RT3290, then you can follow this instructions:

  1. Download this .zip archive from public folder:


  2. Unzip it to any directory, cd $PATH-OF-YOUR-DOWNLOAD/NB087_Ubuntu/rtbth_v3.9.3/rtbth_v3.9.3/ and make bluetooth module:

    sudo make
    sudo mkdir /etc/Wireless/RT3290

    ...then copy necessary files in specified directory like this:

    sudo cp rtbth.ko /etc/Wireless/RT3290/
    cd $PATH-OF-YOUR-DOWNLOAD/NB087_Ubuntu/
    sudo cp rtbt.bin /etc/Wireless/RT3290/ ; sudo chmod +x /etc/Wireless/RT3290/rtbt.bin
    sudo cp 49rtbt /usr/lib/pm-utils/sleep.d/
  3. Create startup script like this:

    sudo nano /etc/init/bluetooth.sh ; sudo chmod +x /etc/init/bluetooth.sh

    ...past this into editor field and save:

    insmod /etc/Wireless/RT3290/rtbth.ko
    mknod /dev/rtbth c 192 0
    exit 0

    ..then edit your /etc/rc.local (do this with sudo) and add line /etc/init/bluetooth.sh before exit 0 line. This must look like this:

    #!/bin/sh -e
    exit 0
  4. Test script by running and seek for errors:

    sudo /etc/init/bluetooth.sh

    Please do not forget to give execution flags and also for rtbt.bin.

  5. Re-login or reboot machine and look for bluetooth applet in your taskbar

This is a typical scenario for installing Ralink 3290 Bluetooth Drivers, but this special version works for 13.04 based Ubuntu kernels. Look for this article http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2115570 for typical bluetooth driver installing.