Ubuntu – Random freezes on Ubuntu 18.04 with error: “watchdog: BUG: soft lockup – CPU#11 stuck for 22s” followed by “NMI watchdog hard LOCKUP”


About once a week, my PC will completely freeze up. I can't ssh into it, the mouse will work for a few seconds and then stop, REISUB doesn't work, the only solution is a hard reboot.

I can't find anything significant present in any logs, but if I happen to be in a virtual terminal when the freeze occurs, the following messages pop up:

enter image description here

I've searched for that error, but most people reporting it seem to be getting it on boot or install, mine just randomly happens.

I'm running a dual-boot system: Windows 10 & Ubuntu 18.04. AMD Ryzen 7 CPU, NVIDIA 1060 6 GB GPU.

Best Answer

  • From the comments...

    You might check with AMD, as they had some Ryzen processor recalls due to Linux problems. See this bug report.

    I looked at that lengthy bug report, and it looks like software solutions are all over the place... some with luck... some without. I'd contact AMD and see if they'll replace your processor.

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