Ubuntu – ”Rats, that failed, you may have to do it manually”

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I'm trying to configure Sup-mail with the command-line sup-config, but it failed. I got the message Rats, that failed, you may have to do it manually. Could anyone tell me how can I fix this problem?

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Thanks in advance!

Best Answer

  • The final step is to import messages into the Sup index. Depending on how many messages are in the sources, this could take a while.

    Seems as if sup is installed but was unable to load messages. There is surprisingly little information available on how to do this manually. Try man /usr/bin/sup-sync or /usr/bin/sup-sync --help and read this - hopefully there are a few answers.

    No such file or directory indicates that there is a file or directory missing which sup-sync expected to be there. Check those docs or help output, to figure out which locations are involved and check whether or not they are available by the user running sup-config.

    Additionally I found this on the ArchWiki - can you try to run sup or sup-config to verify if you ran into that bug? I would start with that step.

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