Ubuntu – Read Error Rate is more than 5000… Do I need to replace the Hard disk

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After searching the solutions in askubuntu, I found that I should replace the HDD, but as I know that SMART test is just for reference, because difference vendors has different standard, it makes me confused.

So, please forgive me for asking the repeated question "do I need to replace my HDD?"

Actually, I have finished the SMART test and it said Overall Assessment failed, in this situation (screen capture attached for your reference), do I need to replace the HDD?

Many thanks!!

Images for reference...Please help....

Best Answer

Install smartmontools. sudo apt-get install smartmontools

Then run sudo smartctl --all /dev/sdX (X = your drive's letter) to get all the data concerning the disk. You will see more detailed information about possible failures.

Run sudo smartctl --test=short /dev/sdX to actually test the drive. If there are failures, the short test will reveal them. If not, replace short with long. This will take longer but it will possibly reveal failures the short one didn't.

Any failures reported by those tests are reliable and do mean you have to replace the disk.