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I recently switched my Acer laptop to Ubuntu 18.04 for a web dev class I'm taking and I'm having a problem where it keeps freezing and becoming entirely unresponsive. This doesn't seem to be linked to any application in particular. I saw a few older posts describing the same problem but in previous versions of Ubuntu and also for people running dual boot systems, neither of these is the case for me. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

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  • I was facing the same issue. I have Nvidia GTX 750 Ti graphics card. I suspected it is because of the missing drivers.

    1. Go to Software & Updates. Go to additional drivers tab and wait for the options to load.
    2. Chose Nvidia driver meta-package from nvidia-driver-304. Click apply changes and wait for the driver to install.
    3. You can also increase you swap space.

    In Ubuntu 18.04 you can use the following steps to change swap Turn off all swap processes

    sudo swapoff -a
    sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/swapfile bs=1G count=8

    if = input file of = output file bs = block size count = multiplier of blocks

    sudo mkswap /swapfile
    sudo swapon /swapfile
    grep SwapTotal /proc/meminfo

    Then finally please turn off Hardware accelaration in Mozilla and Chrome. Sometimes these browsers eat up too much memory and hence crash.

    In chrome, go to chrome settings at chrome://settings then go to Advanced. Deselect "use hardware acceleration when available". Also go to chrome flags at chrome://flags and disable CPU Rasterization. Alternatively you can use google-chrome --disable-gpu to start chrome.

    In Mozilla, go to Preferences, here go to Performance section. Deselect "Use recommended performace settings". Also deselect "Use hardware accelaration when available" and finally limit the content to 2.

    Please restart and hopefully you are good to go.

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