Ubuntu – Recovering Very Important Lost Data From Ntfs Partition

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I have a 230 Gigs HDD on my laptop,
i have 50 gigs extended for my linux,
i have 80 gigs empty ntfs partition,
and 100 gigs ntfs partition where i store all my important data, (i have about 50 gigs of important things)
today i mounted the 100 gigs partition took something from it, unmounted it back,
and then when i mounted it again it was EMPTY !!!
all the data is gone !!!!
i used to mount it via the terminal : sudo mount ntfs /dev/sda5 /media/E
where E is a dir that i make (when i make it i change the permissions of media to 777 then after creating the dir, i change it back to normal)

Guys you cant imagine how much this data is important to me, Plz HelP,
thnx in advance

Best Answer

  • If the data is REALLY important. Stop using the disk/partition NOW. Unmount it! And do a read only copy of the disk. Every time you try to recover something on the original disk you are in danger of loosing more data. Then try recovery tools on the copied disk image. You can create an image with dd if=your_partition of=your_disk_image_file bs=512 (hope the syntax is correct)