Ubuntu – Recursively rename all files whose name starts with a dash

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In terminal I can rename a single file that starts with a dash, i.e.

mv ./-file file

I can also rename all files in a directory that start with a dash, i.e.

for f in ./-*; do rename 's/-//' "$f"; done

However, how can I do this recursively. I have tried using the find command, the rename command, and a recursive for loop. By the way, a lot of the file names have more than one dash. I would only want to remove the first dash. Thanks!

Best Answer

  • Using find and rename:

    find . -iname '-*' -execdir rename -n 's:./-:./:' {} +

    find . -iname '-*' matches all filenames beginning with a -, and then -execdir ... {} + runs the command with those filenames as arguments, after cding to the directory containing the files. This means that the command arguments always has filenames of the form ./-foo. Then it's easy to just match the - after the ./ in a regex.