Ubuntu – Replace prebuilt package with self-compiled version


I need to update my Point Cloud Library (PCL) that I installed via official instructions with my own version that I just compiled according to this manual. The reason is I need to fix a bug in PCL which is present in the pre-built package that I installed originally.

I do "sudo make install" as in the last step but when I compile my application the bug is still present. If I list libpcl version like this

dpkg -l | grep '^ii' | grep libpcl

it outputs 1.7+trusty1 for libpcl-all package and 1.7.1-3+trusty2 for other libpcl- packages. My compiled version shold be 1.7.2.

Best Answer

In ubuntu, this manual represents a wrong way to install from source something, that exists in the library. The right one is this:

  1. apt-get source <package>
  2. sudo apt-get build-dep <package>
  3. dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -uc -b
  4. dpkg -i <package>.deb.

Full instructions here
For kernel and libs procedure is different.