Ubuntu – Replaced Windows 7, but where did the old files go

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Ok, let me start by saying that I know nothing about Linux and that I switched because I was sick and tired of windows.

So I had Windows 7 on my C: drive and I chose to replace it with Ubuntu 12.10.
The problem is there I was prepared to have all my data erased from C: Drive but now it seems I can find anything at all!

There is no partition. Theres nothing. Frankly I'm bummed!

Where is my music that I had in my D: drive earlier and the movies in my X: drive!


To All Linux/Ubuntu newbies,

Do not do the Following:

I had Windows 7 Installed on 'C:' and other drives that had my own files were 'D:' and 'X:'.
I downloaded the ubuntu 12.10 iso from the website[not related: which had a few broken files so I used bit torrent to fix it] and did a USB boot.
I chose the replace windows 7 with ubuntu option. I didnt get any option to select my partition or anything, the thing just rolled and mowed down on everything I had..

Follow Lucio's comment to figure out how to do it right. And always have a backup.

Best Answer

To see all your partitions (size, system, etc.) enter sudo fdisk -l in terminal.

If you don't see your D: and/or X: partitions there, then is not much I can do.

If you selected the Erase disk and install Ubuntu option, then all the OS, partitions and files there (C: & D: & X:) are gone.

If you selected the Something else option, then depends of what you did there. Like if installed Ubuntu in the C: partition, then maybe your D: & X: partitions could be fine.

What I can say is that you have to be very careful when you are preparing your HDD to install a new OS. You have to review twice all the options and actions that you take in the process. Read this article about disk space the is very useful for dual systems. And always remember to create a backup with all your important information!