Ubuntu – reset application to its default state


how to reset a program to its default state?

in android we can clear application data to reset the application to its default state.
does it is possible to reset a program in ubuntu to its default state without uninstalling and reinstalling.

Best Answer

  • Where are customized properties stored?

    Application settings are usually stored either:

    • in ~/.config/application_name
      Example: ~/.config/libreoffice
    • in their own dedicated local (invisible, name starts with a .) folder in ~.
      Example: ~/.gimp-2.8

    Furthermore, applications can have one or more settings in the dconf database (gsettings). A simple way to find out if that is the case is to run in a terminal window:

    dconf watch /

    ...and play with the settings.

    Lastly, (mostly) locally installed applications possibly created a local .desktop file. If so, you also need to delete that one to make sure you are starting from scratch.


    Th bottom line is to remove these folders, if they exist, and reset the gsettings / dconf values. If you'd like a GUI way to reset thos keys, you can look them up in dconf-editor, and reset them to default.

    Local settings folder(s) will be re- created on the next time you run the application.

    dconf-editor is not installed by default. To install:

    sudo apt install dconf-editor