Ubuntu – Resize Windows partition from USB boot disk


When I try to install Ubuntu from a USB Boot pen drive, there is an option to manually manage the partitions. Right now my HDD has one Windows 10 partition that used 100% of the device's storage (even though it only uses 5% of its capacity).

If I resize the Windows partition from the USB Boot live install, could I damage the Windows 10 partition?

Best Answer

I would recommend to shrink the Windows partition with Windows tools (from within Windows). But do not use Windows to create new partitions. Instead leave unallocated drive space. (Windows would probably create dynamic partitions, and such partitions cannot be used by Ubuntu.)

If you shut down Windows, it might use 'fast startup' which is a kind of hibernation. If you want access from Ubuntu to the Windows partition (or better) a common NTFS data partition, you should turn off fast startup in Windows.

Then reboot from a live USB or DVD drive and use gparted to create the partitions you want for Ubuntu (use the unallocated drive space).

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