Ubuntu – Resolution changes after startup/login


I have been trying to use Gnome 3.8 / 3.10 / 3.12 since Ubuntu Gnome 13.10 and no matter what I do it changes the screen resolution to 720p, instead of 1080p, so I have to manually set 1080p every time I start the PC!

Card: Nvidia GTX 550
Driver: all available
Distro: Ubuntu 13.10 / 14.04
Gnome Shell: 3.8 / 3.10 / 3.12

Things I tried so far:

  • opening nvidia-settings as root and user
  • changing settings in nvidia-settings= force Powermizer to Maximum / OpenGL settings / Quality Settings – (I have done it all)
  • forcing nvidia-settings to load on startup (Startup Aplications)
  • adding/deleting/changing xorg.conf = "modes" / "metamodes" / "Display" / "EDID" – (I have done it all)
  • adding gdm/init = xrandr output DVI-D-0 –mode
  • installing different Kernels = 3.10 / 3.12 / 3.13 / 3.14
  • installing different Nvidia Drivers= all available for Ubuntu
  • installing Lightdm/MDM = everything breaks down
  • changing cables = DVI / HDMI
  • blocking/changing EDID = blocking the extensions on EDID (maybe the hdmi sound was causing the problem) / "noEDID"- system looses all resolutions

What I learned so far:

  • Whenever I try to force 1080p by adding a command to xorg/gdm/xrandr the screen changes to 1080p for 1sec and then goes back to 720p! … : (
  • Tested Xubuntu/Kubuntu 14.04 = no resolution problems, just the usual terrible Nvidia performance (no vsync, no vdpau)
  • Just installed Linux Mint yesterday and this problem doesn't happen (MDM), 1080p since the login screen.
  • Tested Gnome 3.10/3.12 on the latest Fedora / Suse / Antergos and the problem persists!

Possible causes:

  • Xserver 3.15 / 3.13 = I tried to replace ubuntu 14.04 xserver (3.15) with ubuntu 12.02 (3.13) cheating the repos and the whole system melted down!

  • I really want Gnome 3 and a supported version of Ubuntu (I am stuck at 13.04)!

  • I am very persistent and have problems taking NO for an answer!
  • I had an ATI HD 4x series and I saved money to buy this Nvidia because gaming on Linux became impossible (missing GL extensions on Legacy drivers)… so …. thinking that it would solve all the video issues I had on Linux with ATI … but … how wrong was I ???? Now I have problems with basic functionalities (RESOLUTION / VSYNC / VDPAU) !

….I started using Linux 3 years ago and all these GPUs mess have been a nightmare in my Linux experience!
….It's what makes me think about giving up Linux for all!

Best Answer

  • You did not specify whether you saved your settings to the X configuration file (/etc/X11/xorg.conf) using nvidia-settings. That should solve this. Just open nvidia-settings as root:

    sudo nvidia-settings

    Then, choose the right settings and click on the "Save to X Configuration" button:

    enter image description here

    If this does not work, there is something else overwriting your settings. Probably your desktop environment. As a workaround, you can use this script:

    sleep 10
    xrandr --output DVI-D-0 --mode 1920x1080 
    echo "Script was run" 

    The sleep is needed to make sure that the Desktop Environment has finished starting before the script is run. That way, you know that it will be run after the DE has reconfigured your screens. Make the script executable and add it to your startup applications. That should do the trick.