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I have a Thinkpad Yoga 14 with support for Pen and Touch on the screen. When resuming, sometimes the networking does not work properly. I can fix this with service network-manager restart. What also always happens is that Pen and Touch does not work anymore. There do not seem to be probems with it's configuration with xinput and synclient. So I assume that there may be some service I can restart or so? Or some other fix to make it work again without restarting or logging off. Maybe someone has an Idea. service wacom-inputattach restart did not work, unfortunately.

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  • This same problem cropped up for me a few months ago on my Thinkpad Yoga 14, running Ubuntu 14.04: while the touchscreen/pen worked perfectly fine for over a year, no matter how many sleep/resume cycles, they stopped responding after sleep/resume sometime around December 2016 (presumably due to a change in an updated kernel?). Pen and touch still worked fine on initial boot, including the splash screen. Various suggestions from the web did not resolve the issue:

    • Alt+Ctrl+F1 / Alt+Ctrl+F6 didn't work
    • sudo modprobe hid_multitouch didn't work
    • xinput disable/enable (touchscreen ID) didn't work
    • I didn't even try the firmware upgrade, as pen/touch were obviously still functioning on fresh restart

    Finally, buried deeply in some links that led to http://linuxwacom.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/Input-wacom , I found a solution which seems simple in hindsight: reloading the wacom and wacom_w8001 modules

    sudo modprobe -r wacom
    sudo modprobe -r wacom_w8001
    sudo modprobe wacom
    sudo modprobe wacom_w8001

    You could write a script to automatically run this on resume; I just threw it in a shell script to run manually when necessary. Hope this helps someone

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