Ubuntu – Restrict access to the home folder from another standard user account


I have made a new user on my machine to be used by my family.

But when I logged in to the family account which is not an administrative account, I could access my home folder(which is an administrative account).

I want to restrict the access to my home folder from the new standard user…How do I do this??

And I would also like to restrict that user from using the other NTFS partitions I have.

In short that account should have access only to its own home folder and not to my home folder or to any NTFS partition present.

Best Answer

  • One way would be logging in as your user, open up a terminal (hit Ctrl+Alt+T), type

    chmod go-rwx ~

    and hit enter.

    Like that you deny the permission to read, write and cd to your home directory to anybody apart from you.