Ubuntu – Rtl8822be on 18.04.1 (New Install on Lenovo Legion y530)


Same problem with Realtek Device b822 as discussed in rtl8723ae unstable on Ubuntu 14.04 and New install – no network devices available – Realtek Device b822. Tried installing rtl8822be with and without dkms. None of them works. Here are the details: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/XkJjD6YmHZ/.

Sometimes, it says "No Wi-Fi Adapter Found". Sometimes, it is "No visible networks".


I did this:

wget https://github.com/lwfinger/rtlwifi_new/archive/extended.zip
unzip extended.zip
cd rtlwifi_new-extended
sudo make install
sudo modprobe rtl8822be

Got stuck in sudo modprobe rtl8822be. It gives me modprobe: ERROR: could not insert 'rtl8822be': Exec format error. Also, this my dmesg | grep rtl8822be output:

[   20.265500] r8822be: Using firmware rtlwifi/rtl8822befw.bin
[   39.784639] WARNING: CPU: 0 PID: 1076 at /build/linux-vxxS7y/linux-4.15.0/drivers/staging/rtlwifi/rtl8822be/fw.c:239 rtl8822be_fill_h2c_cmd+0x1ac/0x660 [r8822be]
[   39.784685] RIP: 0010:rtl8822be_fill_h2c_cmd+0x1ac/0x660 [r8822be]

And, this is my dmesg | grep r8822be output (redoing the whole thing after disconnecting from the internet):

[ 9334.006706] r8822be: halmac_init_hal failed
[ 9334.006865] r8822be: halmac_init_hal failed
[ 9334.007017] r8822be: halmac_init_hal failed
[ 9334.007168] r8822be: halmac_init_hal failed
[ 9334.007319] r8822be: halmac_init_hal failed
[ 9334.007470] r8822be: halmac_init_hal failed
[ 9334.007620] r8822be: halmac_init_hal failed
[ 9334.007771] r8822be: halmac_init_hal failed
[ 9334.007922] r8822be: halmac_init_hal failed
[ 9334.008073] r8822be: halmac_init_hal failed
[ 9340.045331] r8822be: [ERR]Pwr cmd polling timeout!!
[ 9340.045337] r8822be: [ERR]Pwr cmd offset : 5!!
[ 9340.045340] r8822be: [ERR]Pwr cmd value : 0!!
[ 9340.045343] r8822be: [ERR]Pwr cmd msk : 2!!
[ 9340.045346] r8822be: [ERR]Read offset = 5 value = 2!!
[ 9340.045349] r8822be: [Err]pwr sub seq parser fail, status = 0x28!
[ 9340.045352] r8822be: Handle power off cmd error

Any help will be appreciated greatly!

PS: I was using my phone (creating a personal hotspot) to access the internet via bluetooth.

Best Answer

  • In /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf I added the line: blacklist ideapad_laptop

    and in the bios, I disabled secureboot in accordance with other similar posts I found online.

    if you just want to test this as a solution, do:sudo rmmod ideapad_laptop

    I think you will find networks are available immediately. This worked on Ubuntu 18.10