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I'm using Kubuntu 18.04 and I want to run the kate editor with root privileges sudo kate produces the message running kate as root is not possible. I think that's utterly silly. How can I bypass it?

Answer: just edit the file, even if it's a system file, using plain oldkate. You don't need root privileges to edit it; you only need root privileges to save it. When you save a system file, you'll be asked for the root password. Supply it and the save takes place. Easy!!

Best Answer

  • You can edit system files with Kate 19.04.3 (available in Kubuntu 19.10) or in Kubuntu 19.04 (with kubuntu-backports ppa) installed.

    Simply open the file you wish to edit in Kate, edit it, and click Ctrl+S. A PolicyKit window will appear prompting you for your password. Provide it and click Okay.

    editing system files in Kate

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