Ubuntu – Safety of installing Ubuntu alongside Windows


Is it really safe to choose the "Install Ubuntu alongside Windows" option from the Ubuntu installation program?

I never used that option, instead I used other tools such as partition magic or windows 7's disk tool to resize my partitions.

Since I'm going to install Ubuntu across a lot windows (XP, Vista and 7) machines.
It would not be nice to damage those Windows partitions.

What is your experience?
Can I use this feature without concerns?

Best Answer

Having done this several times, I have never encountered any problems with installing Ubuntu alongside Windows. It has always worked for me exactly as advertised. However, I would still never do it without making sure I had backups of all my important data and documents.

As for creating new partitions and resizing them, it seems to work extremely well in the Ubuntu installation process, but if you need to move a Windows partition, I would highly recommend doing it with Windows tools; Windows doesn't generally like to be moved.